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I love coffee. Why should I use a French press?

A French press is regarded by many as the best way to make coffee because the oil, and therefore all the flavor, remains in the coffee, instead of being filtered out as in drip systems. It’s also the most environmentally friendly brewing method, with no waste other than the grounds, which are compostable.


Is it difficult to use?

French presses are extremely simple. Measure out your coffee grounds, add hot water, and let steep for the correct amount of time. Then press the plunger to remove the grounds from your coffee.

The only difficult part of traditional French presses is the cleanup, which is notoriously annoying. The grounds (or leaves, if you’re making tea) are stuck in a wet clump at the bottom. That’s why we invented the Rite Press; our patented bottom unscrews for easy cleanup.


Why don't most people use a French press?

Although it’s simple, many people have never been exposed to it. Others dislike the cleanup or aren’t sure how to measure variables like temperature and brew time. By making the bottom removable and including a thermometer and timer with each press, we’ve made a good brewing method great.


Why is the Rite Press better?

The French press has been a standard in coffee-making for over 88 years, and with good reason. It’s simple and straightforward and makes a great cup of coffee (or tea). But it’s a pain to clean, and the market has shown little desire to innovate.

Our press has a removable bottom for easy and fast cleanup, and it comes with a built-in thermometer and hourglass to help you take your coffee or tea brewing to the next level with minimum effort.


How much coffee do I use in the press?

Coffee Nerd: 50 grams of medium/coarse-ground amazing coffee to 750 grams of water heated to about 200ºF

Coffee Lover: 2 tablespoons of whole beans per 6 oz of hot water. Grind to medium/coarse.

Coffee Newbie: Using pre-ground coffee, about a heaping tablespoon per cup.


What are the materials that the press is made of?

The Rite Press is made of 18/10 stainless steel with high nickel content for increased corrosion resistance. The seal for the removable bottom is made of medical-grade silicone. We carefully designed our presses to ensure they are plastic-free.


How does the removable bottom work?

It twists off like a lid on a bottle. The seal is made of medical-grade silicone.


How does the thermometer work? 

The thermometer is removable and can be used to ensure that your water is the perfect temperature, and/or to measure the temperature of the liquid in the French press. The thermometer is color-coded to indicate if you’re in a good range. Red is too hot—you might scorch the coffee; blue is too cold—you won’t extract the full flavor. Green (centered at 202ºF) means it’s just right.


What is the duration of the hourglass timer?

The timer is set for 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which our testing indicates is the optimal brew time for flavorful coffee.


What is the Rite way to Brew?


What grind does the Rite Press use?

The Rite Press uses coarse ground coffee.


Is the Rite Press dishwasher safe?

The thermometer and the hourglass are not dishwasher safe. The bottom, body, and plunger assembly of the press are dishwasher safe.


What are the specifications of the filter?

The filter is made from corrosion-resistant woven 80 mesh stainless steel.


Can I make cold brew with Rite Press?

Absolutely! Here's how:


Can I make tea with Rite Press?

Absolutely! The Rite Press works with both dried and fresh tea leaves. Please note that the thermometer and hourglass are optimized for coffee brewing. You can purchase a tea hourglass kit here.


How does Rite Press compare to other brewing methods?


What is your refund/ exchange and warranty policy?

We think you are going to love the Rite products that we’ve thoughtfully designed and manufactures. If you don’t love it, return or exchange it with-in 30 days of purchase. We stand by our product for the lifetime of it. If it breaks from a manufacture defect we’ll ship you replacement parts or replace it.


How can I get in touch with your team?

Please reach out to us anytime at: we’ll be happy to help. Our via mail at: PO Box 691159, West Hollywood, CA 90069. 310-855-9694.