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Caribou Coffee is
Rite for your Ritual

Introducing the coffee subscription service for Rite brought to you by the master roasters of Caribou Coffee.

Rite is about the beauty and the simplicity
in creating the perfect brew

We've teamed up with Caribou Coffee to bring you signature blends of great tasting coffee that are thoughtfully crafted and sourced responsibly to help you enhance your ritual.

Rite Quality

Caribou focuses on sourcing amazing coffee with the farm and end user in mind. The beans are perfectly roasted by hand to deliver an amazing taste profile that blossoms in the Rite Press.

Ground Rite

Each single serve bag is perfectly ground to deliver an exceptional experience in the Rite Press. Full-immersion brewing has never been better than this. 

Rite Experience

Caribou has expertly curated three blends for your ritual. Each is available in 5 or 15 pack deliveries.

Choose Your Coffee Subscription

Roasted to perfection and delivered at peak freshness. Plans start at $10.

Our Signature Blend


The perfect pick-me-up whether it's morning or evening. Cheering and sweet, it leaves a quiet hint of fruit and nuts after each sip. 


Gently blends sweet, spicy, and berry notes into a smoothly balanced, relaxing, and down-to-earth taste. 


Rugged and earthy, Mahogany is refined with raw honey, heady aromatic woods and clean, dry vanilla sweetness. 

Peak Flavor & Freshness

Roasted to order and sealed perfectly for your best cup of coffee at home. We ship day-of-roast to ensure that our coffee arrive at your doorstep at the peak of freshness, ready to be enjoyed.

Perfect Match

No measuring, no weighing. Each envelop is perfectly ground to use with the Rite Press to achieve peak extraction for delicious results, every morning.

Fully Customizable

More coffee, less coffee, different coffee—you're in full control of your coffee deliveries. That means total convenience so you never have to re-order or go to the store to pick up more coffee. 

Stay Caffeinated.

About Caribou Coffee

After summiting a mountain in Alaska, our founders realized life is too big to dream small. So they started a coffee shop with a mission to serve exceptional coffee that inspires extraordinary experiences. 

After all, life is brimming with possibilities. It's where "what if" runs away with "why not?" 

It's taking the trail less traveled to find a better bean so you can savor every last sip. 

Because life is about a lot more than coffee. That's why there's coffee.


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