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As a fan of coffee and a fan of good design the Rite Press is something I'm happy to get behind.

The Rite Press not only eliminates those issues with ingenious, low-tech solutions, but it also makes cleaning a breeze.

The Rite Press on Indiegogo presents a faster and easier alternative to French press cleaning thanks to its innovative design.

The 'No Mess French Press' just broke the record for coffee products on Kickstarter.

...the next-generation no mess French Press.

Rite Press French press coffee maker brings you a more convenient way to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

it’s a thoughtful and effective upgrade to one of my favorite ways to make a cup of coffee.

Full-immersion Coffee

The Rite Press has a built-in thermometer and timer to ensure proper brewing.

It’s a true mess-free coffeemaker with its stainless steel filter and removable bottom chamber.

The Rite Press pushes the grounds down into a special chamber that's easily removed and emptied.

The French Press has been given a 21st century facelift with the Rite Press, which offers subtle improvements to help give you the perfect brew.

Patented Removable Bottom

French press cleanup is notoriously annoying. We’ve solved that issue with our patented removable bottom, allowing you to conserve energy, water, and time. The bottom unscrews so you can easily dump the grounds and rinse with minimal effort.

Integrated Thermometer

Our custom thermometer has a simple Blue, Green, Red scale. The Green zone is centered at 200 degrees, which is the optimal temperature for a great cup of coffee. The Rite thermometer lives in the shaft of the filter so it’s easy to use and always on hand.

Built-in Hourglass

Timing is everything... especially in a coffee press! Our built-in hourglass is set for precisely 3 minutes and 30 seconds. When the sand is done flowing, it’s time to press down the plunger and enjoy an amazing cup. The Rite timer is magnetically attached to the Rite Press.